What Are Chinese Prayer Joss Candles?

What Are Chinese Prayer Joss Candles?
Chinese praying material Joss Sticks is traditionally used in Chinese religious ceremonies. They
are similar to our familiar wicks except they are often smaller. Chinese praying joss sticks are
also referred to as praying balls, jinglers, or zha mian, which literally means long stick. Because
they are not burned like our common wicks Jin Paper, they have a somewhat different properties when
burning. They generate a bright flame that is warm to the touch.
Chinese Joss Sticks The majority of joss candles produced in the United States are made in
China. Because of this, they are considered foreign currency by the IRS. Because of the custom
of burning them in a fire, Chinese candles considered to be more valuable than those in the
West. This has made them highly sought after in the antique market.

Chinese Praying Joss Candle in Malaysia: A Complete Information - JinPaper
Joss Sticks As mentioned above, Chinese joss candles are often called praying balls. They are
traditionally made from special Chinese clay. Clay is believed to bring fortune and protection to
the wearer. It can even prevent evil from coming to one’s home. Joss candles that are custom
made are often more expensive than mass-produced joss candles.
What Do They Really Offer? The primary use of Chinese joss candles is to burn for meditation
and wishing. They are said to help release negative energy from the user and allow for harmony
to reign within. They are also used to ward off evil and bring about prosperity and happiness.
This allows the person using the candle to experience what it is like to sit on a beach somewhere
in the ocean.
Can You Buy Chinese Praying Joss Candles? Joss sticks are available in specialty stores, as
well as at many major department stores. Chinese prayer candles come in a wide variety of
styles and prices. They are sold in boxes containing five or more candles, or in individual pieces,
like tealight candles. Some specialty stores sell them in large bowls that hold up to fifty candles.
How Are Chinese Praying Joss Candles Made? Chinese prayer joss candles come in three
basic styles. There are the larger tealight candles, which often seen in churches. They have a
handle and are sometimes referred to as just a “tealight”. There are smaller boxes that hold just
a few candles, and these are called tea ball candles. Lastly there are the small boxes that hold
four or five candles, and these are called moon cakes.

Chinese Praying Joss Candle in Malaysia: A Complete Information - JinPaper
Why Is Chinese Prayer Joss Candles So Popular? The most likely reason for their popularity is
their ability to perform their religious duties when not lit. Many people view Chinese characters
as nothing more than dots or squiggly lines, but the reality is that many of the characters
actually represent something very real and valuable to the Chinese. There are so many different
versions of Chinese sayings that it would be impossible to mention them all here, but one thing
that many people who buy these candles notice is that they allow them to embody the essence
of Chinese culture, which is very meaningful to many people.
Do I Need To Use A Candle Oil? Although Chinese prayer joss is often seen as an item used in
a Chinese home, it is important to know that the candle itself can also have a dual purpose.
Many times the characters on the box are not the main focus of the candle, but what is inside
them. In this case, instead of just having a candle with the Chinese characters on it, there is
usually another material inside the box that is burned. It could be anything from tea leaves to oil,
and the value of the candle often depends on the quality of the next item used in the candle,

whether it’s oil or wax.