How To Choose The Mobile Rate That Best Suits Us According To The Use We Give It

We live in a society where the mobile phone has become an indispensable element. Not only to communicate with our contacts, but also to surf the net, check our email account and even to work. The complicated thing in all this aspect is knowing how to choose the rate that best suits our needs. This choice is not easy at all due to the many options offered by different companies . You just have to take a look at the rates for orange , Vodafone or any other company to realize all the options that users have to choose from.

Card or contract

First of all, when choosing the rate we need, is to know if we want a card contract. If we choose the first option, we must know that each month we will be charged a fixed amount , while with the prepaid option, we will recharge our balance only when we need it.

This last option was very common a few years ago, but today it has taken a back seat, largely due to the reduced contract rates that different companies offer. In addition, the contract is more comfortable than the card, since you do not have to be aware of recharges, in addition to offering better conditions.

The logical thing is that if you use your mobile daily to call and navigate, it is best to opt for a contract rate.

Uses that will be given to the mobile

Depending on the use that we will give the mobile, the type of rate to choose may vary. Let’s look at some cases.

To talk

If you are one of those people who hang out all day with the phone to your ear talking to each other, and you hardly use your mobile to navigate, what you should look for is a rate that offers you unlimited minutes , regardless of the amount of data that they could offer you, although it never hurts to have a gigabyte in case you had to use it on any occasion.

To navigate

Today, the most common is that everyone has internet on their mobile, although not everyone uses it for the same. The use to be made of it will also influence when choosing the rate. For example, if you are one of those people who spend most of the day browsing the different social networks, watching videos or uploading photos to the network, you will need a large number of gigabytes to make ends meet .

The same happens for those who work from their mobile, having to access certain services at any time and place. In these cases, you can’t risk running out of data. For this reason, perhaps it is best to look for rates that offer a lot of data, and not put so much emphasis on the free minutes that it could offer . In any case, most companies offer the possibility of contracting extra data in a timely manner in the case of having consumed all of them.

To send messages

Although it is a way of communicating that has practically become obsolete due to applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, there are still people who send SMS to their contacts. In these cases, it is best to find a rate that includes the sending of these messages in the price. If not, for each SMS sent the company will charge a landline.

What we have seen throughout our publication are things that everyone should take into account before hiring a mobile rate. Knowing how it will be used can help us save a lot of money